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The resort also has a private Lear jet in shops to fly guests around the Greek Islands.The Emirates building in Abu Dhabi, Which unveiled in 2005, Cost over three billion dollars for you to create. yellow metal, Gold and marble are used contained in the hotel as well as in the guest rooms; The 1002 chandeliers are made of Swarovski crystals. the resort also includes 70 football pitches, the 1.3 kilometre private beach and its own marina offering lot of water activities, in addition to a helicopter pad.All of the 394 rooms are decorated with acres of gold leaf and marble and come complete with a private butler service. the resort has two large pools, One on the east wing anyone on the west. The west wing pool is in fact an adventure pool equipped with a waterslide, thrilling and a lazy river.The Royal Suite in the Grand Hills Hotel Spa in Broummana in Lebanon is the largest hotel room in any hemisphere. The suite is set over six floors at a combined shocking size of 8,000m, as over 4,000m is used with home. The rest is made up of two private pools, an individual garden, rooftop and three pavilions.The hotel’s other 117 suites are also spacious and luxuriously fitted.