backyard buyers

Buying and selling backyards has become somewhat of a necessity in many Australian cities.Also known as subdivision, this trend is nothing new but has increased mainly due to soaring land prices, as well as city strategies to create a higher-density cities.

Backyard buyers may be abundant, however, finding the right buyer for your property is as important as selling your backyard at the right price.

As well as looking for the right buyer the whole process of property subdivision can be costly, time-consuming and stressful, this makes it necessary to turn to the beat team available to assist you in finding the best backyard buyers. Joint Venture Develpements boasts years of experience, high-quality service and knowledge in property evaluation which  will ensure selling your backyard will be successful.

Our goal at Joint Venture Developments is to ensure maximum profit for those looking to sell their property as well as ensuring that backyard buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

The combination of experience and knowledge in property, legal and accounting makes our team highly capable to solve any problems that may arise, inform you of all the facts, figures and hidden pieces of data that you need to sell your backyard so that you can choose a realistic target price as well as help you formulate a selling strategy, based on the current market, the market history in your area and regional conditions. Furthermore, we can assist backyard buyers to find exactly what it is they are looking for when choosing the property to buy.

Backyard buyers may refer to a family or an individual looking to purchase property or to developers looking to build homes or compounds and proceed to sell them to individuals, at Joint Venture Developments we cater to both as well as providing the homeowner himself with the ability to sell their backyard as a ready developed area.

At Joint Venture Developments, we assist you with buying or selling your backyard from the beginning to the end, from evaluating the property and setting a price, to finding a trusted buyer and completing the sale.

Namely, at Joint Venture Developments we:

  • Evaluate your land
  • Plan the subdivision
  • Create a Joint Venture with property owners
  • Take on project management