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At Guild Trip, we support and encourage artisans of all guilds so they can continue to create. A guild is a representation of a collective of artisans, with each type of artisan having their own guild. It encompasses both contemporary and traditional, giving a place to all artisans. We bring together artisans from around the world, forming a collective so they can inspire and support one another. We then connecttravellers, collectors and appreciators with these innovative artisans who are crafting pieces thatreflect their view of the world. Our community not only joins people together, it also provides an opportunity to learn from one another. Our vision for Guild Trip

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is to create a space that nurtures young crafters, supports established artisans, and educates people around the value of collecting and appreciating artisanal craft.

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What intensifies the drama of all this is the fact that when I wrote the first more restricted volume on cricket suicides (By His Own Hand) in 1990, it was Roebuck whom I asked to write a foreword. This invitation stemmed from the fact that he had already written a book, It Never Rains . . . A Cricketer Lot, in NHL wholesale jerseys which he had explored, with some sensitivity, the mental stress which a professional cricketer faces when he loses form and wonders what he is doing with his life. . . It will not be so. This was a welcome assurance, viewed without any great deliberation at the time, for who could possibly have foreseen the dreadful episode of twenty one years later?

Was kind, humble, generous. He was a visionary, and a doer. He was a great adventurer, too. He led a larger than life life, like a character out of a movie. adventure began in Glasgow, where he was born in 1928. He was the youngest son of a baronet, but his family title wasn an old one.