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Sell my backyard gives a property owner the ability to make use of unused property or a portion of property in order to liquidize assets. The process of selling your backyard is simply a way to sell the unused part of your property to make a profit.

As population is increasing in many Australian cities, the ability to sell your backyard has given not only property owners the opportunity to profit from their property but also those looking to become a property owner the opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for. For the former the ability to sell my backyard may come in handy when looking to pay off a mortgage or when looking to reduce your land because you can no longer maintain it or for any other reason. For the latter it is a solution when looking to buy property closer to the city in sparsely populated areas.

Joint Venture Developments is the place to turn for both the owner of the property who is looking to sell my backyard  as well as for those who want to invest their money in right place looking to buy my backyard.
At Joint Venture Developments we aim to reduce the stress putting your property up for sale may cause by helping minimize the time your property stays on the market, evaluating the property and providing trusted and honest Backyard Buyers. We also ensure that your property is sold at the best possible prices thanks to our knowledge and experience in property sales. This is achieved not by simply giving you a price but by providing you with all of the facts, figures and hidden pieces of data that you need to Sell my Backyard so that you can choose a realistic target price as well as help you formulate a strategy, based on the current market, the market history in your area and regional conditions.

At Joint Venture developments we provide exactly what you need:

  • Risk Free Cash Offer For Your Land
  • Risk Free Backyard Subdivision
  • Joint Venture Development You
  • Project Management


Contact us and let us assist to sell or buy my backyard from the first step – deciding to buy or sell- all the way to purchase completion.



So always feel free and confident to get in touch with us or just simply experience our website more information.


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