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Enjoy Your Sleep with Comfy Living Beds

At Comfy Living we have a wide selection of metal beds that are designed with an intention to offer you an equally wide range of styles and color. For the children in your family we offer brightly painted metal beds that will match virtually any color scheme in store. For you the adult, Our contemporary and traditional style beds will most likely impress. These are available in assorted sizes and descriptions including 3ft Single, 4ft Small Double and even 5ft king size.

Many people are increasingly opting to buy cheap leather beds to add that popular contemporary feel to their bedrooms. These beds are masterfully crafted such that it is hard to tell whether they are made from genuine leather from a mere glance. The best part about buying such beds is that your bedroom will look really classy thanks to the ‘leather factor’ plus you can choose a suitable color to match your best color scheme all these at a really affordable price. one of sizes we have in stock are the 3ft Single, 4ft minute Double, 4ft6 Double and the 5ft king-size.

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Comfy Living understands that thinking about wooden beds some people prefer the traditional look while others will demand the contemporary look. In addition to to deliver the best of both worlds we have gone a step further to offer an alternative that combines both elements our 4ft6 Double is classic and rustically modern. We also stock white beds which are getting increasingly popular for their ability to blend in with different color schemes.

For your kids’ tastes we have awide variety of children’s beds most of which have metal frames, With the rest being as a futon sets and chair beds. All these options are attractively colored in a fashion that will get any child excited. We also offer beds that are designed in quite interesting shapes including racing cars and soccer/football details.

There is hardly any kid who does not find sleeping on a bunk bed to be fun regardless of whether he or she sleeps on the top or bottom bunker. At Comfy Living we offer you such beds of the finist quality, Sourced from leading producers. In our stocks we certainly have triple bunks, 3ft Single and 2ft6 Small Single chances. In the event that you purchase one of these and the requisite mattresses you stand to receive a 10 percent discount on what is already a very inexpensive asking price.