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The district also held a forum earlier this month to raise awareness about the opioid crisis.When asked if the high school would have naloxone on hand for grad, Duncan said the district has had discussions with the police and Fraser Health, but no decision has been made to date.Steinmann said Vancouver is concerned about drug use during grad season, particularly with fentanyl in the mix.

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Close on the heels of the stalking case in Haryana, where a BJP leader son has been accused of stalking an IAS officer daughter, an IT professional was arrested by the Amboli police in Mumbai on Monday night for allegedly stalking a woman who was travelling in a car with her sister and two children early on Sunday.

I could talk about all of these things and I’d be correct. But what I really want to talk about is bravery. And how brave one needs to be to live in a society that would often rather they not exist at all: the bravery it takes for a transgender person to tell their parents; the bravery a transgender person shows when they walk out of a public washroom wondering if this is the time they get beat up by someone who says they don’t belong there; the bravery transgender people show when they return to work for the first time as their true self (if they are lucky to have a job at all); the bravery a transgender girl shows when she just tries to pee in a school washroom with all the other girls in her class; and the bravery of the parent who stands by that child every step of the way.

You know, it wasn unpleasant. It like a broken record, no pun intended, but it was the same old story: The guy who signed me left. So I had to reenthuse a new regime, and, to put it simply, they didn like the record we were making as much as we did, so we figured, you know what, they probably shouldn put it out. So that was that.